New Bradwell Cricket Club Announcement.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has prepared guidelines for the return of recreational cricket.

The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practical guidance to players and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking recreational cricket activity in England from Saturday 11 July 2020 onwards, both in training and in matches.

They should be read in conjunction with latest UK Government regulations.

We have completed our Risk Assessment which now enables us to return to playing cricket. A copy of this will be available from behind the bar the Club.

Each player from both sides will be requested to sign a team sheet to comfirm they accept this Risk Assessment, and the Return To Cricket Guidelines before they are allowed to compete in each fixture.

See below:

NBCC Risk Assessment Acceptance.

I have read the New Bradwell Cricket Club COVID 19 Risk assessment, and the ECB return to cricket guidelines.


I understand that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in me being asked to leave the field of play.

You will be asked to sign this acceptance before you take to the field of play. Please note: Players representing NBCC will not have to complete this form for EVERY GAME. One submission will be fine.



New Bradwell Cricket Club Announcement.

The ECB have launched guidelines for the use of outdoor cricket facilities in lockdown, this be found on the website >>

Following changes to Government Guidelines outlined on the 11th May we are keen to take advantage of the opportunities now presented. Whilst we obviously want to do all we can to restrict the spread of COVID-19, we also want to allow our members to use our net facilities to sharpen their skills, improve fitness and enhance general well being. Please read below:

When using the outdoor nets, the following rules must be followed:

1/ Net Sessions for the Nets must be requested and booked in advance.
2/ Bookings to be made in hour slots, but each session must be finished 15 minutes before the next slot.
3/ The net is to be used by only 2 participants at one time, if participants are from different households then Social Distancing rules must be followed.
4/ Members of same household can use the nets without the need to follow Social Distancing.
5/ To ensure the safe setup of the Net Cage, a further 2 people can help but must follow Social Distancing AT ALL TIMES. We'd recommend that you arrange to have the other 2 participants use the Net Facility the hour slot after, to ensure everyone gets use of the Facilities. And then assist in helping with the safe return of the Net Cage.
6/ All participants must follow public health guidelines for personal hygiene, washing/sanitising hands before and after each session.
7/ Do not play if you are self-isolating or showing any symptoms of COVID 19.
8/ The use of indoor club facilities (toilets, bar etc) will not be permitted.

Please see the following notes/comments:

1/ All the above subject to change once the further guidance received from the ECB.
2/ We will review the implementation every week.
3/ Anyone found not following the rules will have the facility removed.
4/ All net facilities MUST be locked up properly, failure to do this will mean we'll have to remove the Net Booking Facility.
5/ Anyone found using the Net Facility without Booking, will be asked to leave and the Net Facility will again be removed until further notice.

Please note: New Bradwell Cricket Club takes no responsibility for persons who are seen not conforming to the above regulations/guidelines.